Choosing Electrical Contractors You Can Trust

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Sure Line Electric Group Inc has been in business since 1998. One of southern New York's finest electrical contractors, they specialize in both residential and commercial projects. Your satisfaction is there main concern and no project is finished until you are happy. For more information you can call them at (516) 214-9295. George Schappert and Shamus Maer own the Company.

They contractors are using outdated oversized panels on their projects as well. It would seem that a project the size of the one's they are putting up would want the smallest most efficient panels possible.

A sub panel circuit breaker box installation is a common technique when giving your home more electrical power. This is the most complicated route to adding electricity or updating the home wiring. A sub panel is a routing station that is directly connected to the main breaker panel two pole box but sits somewhere else in the home. You can choose the location you want the panel to go. The good thing about sub panels is that you can have an unlimited number as long as you do not exceed the service rating of your home. Sub panels are ideal for high electricity usage areas in a home. Sub panels give you the option to run shorter and more direct runs to the panel boxes, which can save you time and money.

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A basic solar installation can cost over ,000 so unless you're ready to make an investment that big, you won't have solar panels. But if you make them at home you'll be able to cut costs and make it possible to get them for under 0!

You should then ask for testimonials from other customers and, if they shy away from giving these to you, go on to the next company. The main thing you should be asking the testimonial customer will be did they keep to their word on all they promised, with particular emphasis on their attention to the cleanliness of your home.