How To Make Big Cuts In The Energy You Use In Your Home, And Your Energy Bills

Last but not least, New Houses are better built. Much better. Building standards have improved enormously in recent years, now incorporating 6 star energy efficiency, and double glazed windows. Double glazed windows will make a house more comfortable, far beyond most people's expectations.

In the days before low-flow fixtures, to get high flow rates you would use larger pipe. That doesn't work anymore. Low flow fixtures limit the flow rate to the point where using larger piping simply means you have to put more water in the pipe and so it takes even longer to get your hot water.

Q Adjust the pressure for maximum cleaning without causing damage. Start with 1500 psi and increase if necessary, 2000 psi is plenty for most materials. Start with a 25-degree nozzle. A 15-degree nozzle has a more powerful spray and can do damage if improperly used. You can change the nozzles if it seems to be taking to long to achieve your results.

A Solar water heater uses the sun's natural energy to heat water and currently governments are financing private households through subsidies to get us connected with solar hot water services, in order to reduce greenhouse gases.

A number of products are on the market to remedy this situation. One common system is what I call the luke-warm hot water circulating system. It is similar to the standard hot water circulating system, except the pump is controlled by the water temperature at the fixture. In some systems the pump is located under the sink and some locate the pump at the water heater with just a valve at the sink. There are also pumpless systems that rely on thermo siphon effects to operate.

Type of utility. Are you gas? Electric? Oil? Steam? This information will be used for many reasons, including engineering and for estimating your utility savings over time.

PV Solar transforms direct sunlight into electricity. This is achieved when photons from sunlight knock electrons into a high state of energy, creating DC current. The DC current can be changed to AC current by using an inverter. This type of PV system is referred to as Grid Connected or Net Metering. Net Metering is when your utility company offers to buy back any excess power you create with your system. This makes Solar more attractive because the pay back period is shorter. Something else to think about is a Tax Credit for Solar. Right now the federal government (US) offers a 30%25 tax credit on the cost of a PV system. If you pay ,000 for your system you can take ,000 right off of the top.

Types of dryers. As mentioned above, in order to estimate your current costs from heating water, the installer must know how much fuel is being used for other gas or oil powered functions. Aside from the brand of dryer, they'll also need data about the number dryer cycles used per month.